RackBank datacenter s LTD, founded in the year 2012 is a well known name among the data centers in Central India that provides server hosting services with high security. RackBank provides managed dedicated server on monthly rent as well as cloud hosting services. We are dedicated to serve such a quality service that you should not have to worry about your data’s security.  We have such powerful servers that our least expensive server too is capable of running any number of websites without any exceptions or problems. Including the dedicated server hosting, we also provides collocation services & managed hosting.  RackBank is fastly growing as web & internet server providers in India with an infrastructure of 2500 server capacity.  You can surely trust us as RackBank always aims in providing the top class server hosting service to its clients

RackBank Datacenter Ltd is an in house premium data center & central India’s biggest managed hosting server providers located in Indore & provides 24/7 fully managed support for a server. We offer the superfluous, secure & adaptive internet infrastructure solutions in the industry. RackBank provides the server hosting service with a trustable redundancy & security. Join the hand of RackBank & feel proud without worrying about your data by the quality service we provide.

To know more about us, Visit our official website at



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