How to choose windows dedicated server

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Tips to choose windows dedicated servers from Rackbank data center in India:

Choosing reliable dedicated servers for running your business is extremely important. However, finding out the right yet reasonable dedicated server is really a complicated or challenging job. It is also very time consuming but if time can give you better outcome then why don’t you try it? So, take the right decision and it will definitely pay you off in future. The importance of hosting industry has been changed with dedicated windows server due to its amazing capabilities. It gives you an opportunity to host your website and makes it visible to your targeted audience. You can please them with your website and gain financial help.

Here are few points that you should consider before choosing the right dedicated server for your business website.

The most and foremost important thing that needs to be considered is the technology. To access great result from this server you have to check different parts of the technology.


Now it is completely depend on your requirement. If your site needs to be operated with ASP .NET code, Microsoft IIS or MS SQL Server then it is best to go with the Microsoft windows dedicated server. To use your site properly on the web page so that you can draw more traffic it is good to choose this server.

Database server:

As per your technology stack you have to choose a server that can provide Ram with great quality. If your site is made upon Java, Windows and Ruby then it is really important to get this server. It can provide the required power to your site.

Running an organization needs to host different things like images, multimedia, flash images Or VOIP server. So the speed of bandwidth needs to be super fast. If you choose windows dedicated server it is certain that you will get amazing bandwidth and uplink speed which is the prime criteria.


Reliability is the most important factor of your life. Whenever you are going to take some service you should check this factor. Windows dedicated server will allow your content to be visible on the web page for 24 hours.

Customer Support:

Without a cooperative and friendly customer service team it will become difficult to work with a company. In case of hosting, it is even more important because they definitely should have a team that can take care of your content and maintain its integrity. There are many dedicated server hosting companies that offer updating services and help to upgrade your site.

Control panel

Control panel helps to access the website and maintain all the updates that are important for your site. By using control panel you can easily update the website and get what you want. So this is also an important factor.

Payment procedure:

Before choosing the right dedicated server you should know the payment option of the company as it is a vital part. Usually the companies take money at monthly, annually or half yearly basis. So, if a company demands advance payment then you should not indulged with it.

These are some of the basic things that you should check properly before taking the service as these will help you to choose the best windows dedicated server.

data center services india


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