Why it is Better to Choose Dedicated Server Hosting?

india dedicated server hosting

Dedicated server hosting offers you the assets and potential of a whole server, not imparted to anyone else. With an entire server totally committed to you and your sites, you’ll have enough bandwidth and memory to handle exponential measures of traffic and any sort of multimedia and connection.

Furthermore, with so much power accessible to you, dedicated hosting performs better and is more predictable and secure than shared hosting & VPS hosting.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting in India:

Flexibility & Control

One of the serious issues with shared hosting is that there are many things which cannot be controlled. Dedicated server hosting enables you to have a complete control according to your need for your emerging business. We can manage everything for you so you can freely focus on what you do best, you can manage everything with your own developers & engineers.


You will have full access to all the resources on the server allocated to you by having dedicated hosting.

Additionally, Rackbank’s experts provide 24*7 live support on dedicated server hosting services. When you sign up for this type of hosting, you can be assured that all of the resources on that particular server belong to you making it far more secure in comparison to server shared by several businesses. Including strong protection for your online files for your website you will also get regular updates and security patches.

Better Performance

One of the key reasons why dedicated server hosting is more reliable & a best option for your business is its high performance. Whether your website receives a large amount of traffic everyday or requires loading numbers of   high resolution & photos, dedicated server hosting keeps things running effectively, impressively & quickly.


While sharing a server with others, most of the time you don’t have access to the bandwidth or memory needed for you because all it is used by other websites with whom you share your server. Even with a VPS server hosting there are chances that your site can be crashed because there is a lack of access to all the resources it needs to remain online, especially when there is a huge amount of traffic.

By having dedicated hosting all problems can be resolved because it gives you an entire server which remains all for yourself. There will be no chances of denial of access to the resources needed to handle the traffic & media, so you should not have to worry about your site going down or it’s untrustworthiness due to other customer’s use of the server.

Why Choose Rackbank Data centers in India For Dedicated Hosting?

dedicated serversTo help you get the most out of your dedicated server hosting, Rackbank launches several offers and various add-ons to meet your needs.

We have a team of well experienced team of experts which provide 24-hour live support to the clients. We provide such a reliable service & management options that you don’t have to deal with website or server issues on your own. With Rackbank dedicated web hosting, you have the option to have your website and server constantly monitored, so you can feel confident that your online real estate is in good hands.


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