The SEO Benefits of a Dedicated Server


As an webmaster, there are large number of decisions which need to be made, decisions which ultimately influence the long term accomplishment of your business. Hosting without a doubt has its part in the association and in case if you are serious about making an informed decision, you have to analyze all the advantages and disadvantages connected with going to have dedicated server hosting in India.

Regarding the matter of disadvantages, the only disadvantage of having dedicated server is that it is little more expensive than shared hosting.

Do the Advantages outweigh the Disadvantages?

It is not necessary that the two projects are of same type. Therefore it all depends on your specifications. If you are not suffering from your budget issue than it is better to go dedicated from the start because you won’t have to go through the inconvenience of wandering from one hosting plan to another if your website starts receiving some good traffic.

If it is not the case & you are on a tight budget, calculations are in order. Leaving other advantages aside (the fact that you have a lot of sites at your disposal, the fact that you are not worried about server crashing because of sudden spike of traffic at other websites and the list could go on and on), you should focus on SEO characteristics of things

SEO Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

First & foremost, we should have to understand that SEO doesn’t have direct benefits by dedicated server hosting.

It means search engine spiders don’t check if your website is hosted on a dedicated server or not.Search engine will not give boosts or penalties based on what they found on it.

Moreover there are some indirect SEO benefits correlated with dedicated servers.

Most importantly there is no issue of having bad & spammy sites as neighbors. The biggest issue with shared server hosting is that the same server/IP hosts large number of websites, sometimes even thousands on it. Unfortunately for the people who only employ legitimate approaches to search engine optimization, not everyone is willing to play fair.

Some of webmasters always lookout for the fast way to success. Out of large number of websites hosted on a single server, there are chances that a single neighbor can become problematic for your genuine website.

We can also say that if you are doing all right with every aspect, there is a chance that you will suffer because of other’s mistake.

Apart from that, there are also the chances of having page load speed issue which needs to be considered. Google algorithms are changing regularly but there are some search engines which take page load time into consideration a little bit.

When someone searches for certain keywords search engine display the best websites. Therefore fast page load time is important for visitor’s experience.

Without a doubt there are many other factors which are considered on more priority than page load time for better rankings. But still, it have an edge & is a good thing, however minimal it may seem especially if you’re focusing keywords which are highly competitive.

The most important thing why one should choose dedicated servers is complete control.It’s totally your server & you can use it according to your significance, therefore you have complete control over the software you are using.

We have evaluated some of the most important SEO advantages related to dedicated servers. All it turns up to one question:

Do These Benefits Outweigh the Extra Costs?

If your budget is decent at the very least then yes, going dedicated makes sense, especially if you’re targeting extremely competitive terms. Having another edge definitely can’t hurt and all things considered, paying extra for a dedicated server will prove to be worth it in the long run.

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