Why to Choose Linux for Your Dedicated Server?

When it comes to the point to choose operating system for affordable dedicated server in India, We should have to think a lot between Linux and Windows. The open source and restrictive platforms have contrasting qualities and shortcomings, and the administrations offered cater for the particular needs of online organizations. Be that as it may, Linux servers are amazingly alluring to Internet entrepreneurs and publishers. Here are some advantages shown by RackBank datacenter in India of using the Linux operating system that help through to web hosting.

buy dedicated serverCost-free

Linux doesn’t cost a dime, its free. Free like a beer. There are no authorities, no licence fees & no one time fees to get Linux.

You’re not by any means needed to sign up or give your CC details to download a Linux appropriation of your choice.

The best thing is that it’ll always stay free.

Light weight

The server itself has specific expenses associated. These rely on upon CPU, amount of RAM, size of HDDs and other hardware enclosed to your machine.

Characteristically, you need to have the capacity to utilize most extreme of these assets you’re paying for. Linux comes helpful here – its cordial to framework assets, indeed, its going to expend extensively less server power for running applications than, for instance, a Windows-based solution.


Linux is an open source operating system. Its code is consistently taken a shot at by hundreds (if not thousands) of developers everywhere throughout the world making a standout amongst the most group arranged operating systems.


SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) – one of Linux features has been created by the United States National Security Agency (NSA).

Security is likely the most extensive known and perceived feature of Linux. Your server isn’t going to be a focus for viruses as there’re just no viruses for Linux.

IBM, Google, Amazon, and in addition numerous others utilize Linux for their business operations.

In this way, without uncertainty, Linux is your decision to run any web based project – either a blog or a full-emphasized online shopping cart.

Characteristic rich

Not at all like other operating systems, Linux is packed with applications. Much of the time you don’t even need to try searching for and installing additional software to get your site up and running.

Under your control

More configuration options are available in Linux in comparison to any other OS , for instance, to Windows. You’re the person who will choose what should be run on your server and what won’t. You are allowed to change any segment of the framework as per your needs, likes and inclination.

Easy to use

Do despite everything you imagine Linux as a command-line interface only? Well, in many cases console remains the main tool. If you don’t like this and prefer GUI – go ahead, get cPanel or Webmin and start administering your server right in browser window.

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