Why India is a New Hub for Data Centers?

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On the track of seeking digitalised lifestyle India features more connected community, counts largely on digital devices & demands instant access to the data. With the expansion of digital era everyone ranges from an individual to an organization need for their own ‘space’. It is this requirement of server hosting, either it is shared hosting or dedicated server hosting & smooth functioning of an online economy that there emerges a need for a zone of Data Center in India.

Facts & Figures-

If we look at the practical aspects India’s data centre capacity is expected to reach 6.6 million sq.ft. within 4 years. With approximately 150 million citizens collectively consuming a large amount of data & 50+ million small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs India is becoming a focal point for the cyber economy.

Why India?

Where India’s demographics are the most talked about all around the world, it’s now the most wanted for establishing data centre units. Several crucial factors like climate, infrastructure, privacy, legislation & environment are responsible in decision making for the data centre accommodation. Not only these but skilled & qualified workforce with cheap labour cost, high end infrastructures & flexibility towards latest technology along with 24x7x365 dedicated support & services provided by Indians, compels even the big international names to make India their first choice as a data centre hub.

Factors responsible for growth of data centers in India

Data centres have to achieve & perform continuously at peak levels of efficiency, agility, reliability & cost optimisation. It has to establish a structured, unified cable management system that keeps cabling and connection properly stored & organised, easy to locate & access, and simple to reconfigure. Hence they are focused for ensuring robustness and resiliency for 24×7 operations without any hassles which provides greater quality of connection counts, redundant power feeds, backup generators, UPS power systems, cooling system, security etc. With these characteristics data centres in India get to meet the zero error targets and thereby India responses to the growth of data centres.

Data centres comprising of dedicated server hosting, virtual private hosting, cloud hosting, collocation services & lot more is expanding its periphery on the Indian land. Out of which RackBank is proud to be the first data centre of Central India. Soon India will be not only a topic of cultural interest but of technical interest as well.


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