Why You Need a Dedicated Server Hosting for Your ECommerce Website?

Dedicated Server Hosting

The first ‘must have’ on the list of an ecommerce startup is to have a server. To create an ideal business model with a high volume of e-commerce transactions, the servers that bring in lot of ease are dedicated servers. Initially, the business may have all its processes on a single computer system and you may be contented. As time sees the expansion, it increases the website traffic making it all the more important to invest into a dedicated server. You may understand by a dedicated server, as a hosting service or managed hosting service in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else on the internet.

Benefits of a Dedicated Server

Despite being relatively high priced, dedicated hosting service offers the benefits of storage, better connectivity, security, cost effective and control. Used by almost all types of business, it is most beneficial for websites that receive a large volume of traffic. Maintaining your own servers, is a costly affair, hence a managed hosting is a preferred choice for most businesses. These servers are secured and not shared with any other company. You can choose and customize tools that are dedicated to your website and applications.

  1. Large Storage space

A personal data center advantage is that you have an ultimate storage option available at your dedicated space. A dedicated server shares huge amount of data transfer and a strong CPU with a generous supply of RAM to keep your business running. You have an additional benefit too with the possibility of expanding your business on the same server without operations being disrupted.

  1. Smooth Network connection

A dedicated server gives you great network connection without any outside interference. When it comes to handling traffic, reliability of your network and server uptime is important and a dedicated server gives you all the space to track it down. With a booming Internet traffic exponentially, customers are here to use web browsers and web-based communication every single moment creating considerable traffic.

  1. High Security

Saving you from various cyber attackers, a high level of security is offered by a dedicated server. This gives you more control over your business. This kind of managed servers brings in high level of performance while benefiting from greater computer capacity. A dedicated server helps you recover your content and data during a disaster or a server crash.

  1. Cost Effectiveness

Getting better flexibility and speed, multiple websites gain a better performance level on a dedicated server than being on a shared server. This gives you an opportunity to consume server resources even if your website traffic increases or your follower count grows.


If you are new to the world of web hosting, list down the requirement of your company and before you grow, plan a dedicated server hosting.  For an ecommerce based organization, a dedicated server is one of the best available platforms to maintain the amount of website traffic they intend to attract. Although, it is costlier than the shared server plan but offers security, reliability and speed. Calculating all the advantages of having a dedicated server in your business plan, it is sure to bring in growth. It is a worthy investment to make for an organization.


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