Beat Your Business’ IT Blues By Deploying A Dedicated Server

dedicated server

Is your website application facing regular server downtime or low site-speed or unhappy customers or high churn rates?

Then, it’s time you realize that you need to change something! And, all of these are symptoms highlight one root cause and that is, the choice of your web server.

Most of the upcoming start-ups which are bootstrapped in terms of funding make a choice of opting for shared servers at the inception of their operations. But do you know the problem they face when their business plan works out, marketing gains efficiency and the website faces unmanageable traffic load.

What results into this?

Angry and frustrated customers due to the inefficiency in operational delivery!

Shared hosting does has its own advantage but every business needs to identify a threshold as to when it would want to upscale your services’ capability, and thus moving to dedicated server ensuring no disruption in services.

Dedicated servers have a lot of advantages in its bag that are worth considering when you ramp up your operations, viz.:

  1. Dedicated servers help you optimize the usage of server resources

It is very common to see that 90% of all web hosting services offer unlimited server resources, including disk space as well as bandwidth in the shared hosting plans. However, once you start ramping up the usage, with a lot of traffic pouring in, you may face downtimes in your services due to insufficiency of server resources. It is because of the fact that every bit of server resource is shared with other users and beyond a limit, you may not get actual advantage of “unlimited” resources claim.

So, when you are ramping up and you don’t want to lose your customers with frequent downtimes, choose dedicated servers. The complete use of resources is a noticeable advantage when you have returning customers that you don’t want to lose!

  1. Highly Secure is the word for dedicated servers

Having said that, the intention is not to say that dedicated server hosting will ensure that your website and account are safe from a number of threats in World Wide Web. Nonetheless, the possibility of vulnerabilities in shared hosting environment is quite high.When it comes to dedicated server, you have the rights to ensure any level of security to your servers. You are a ‘premium’ customer of that hosting provider, and most of the security updates and patches are provided either free or on a nominal cost. Also, there will be a dedicated IP address with each dedicated web server where you can implement SSL to your website, particularly during sign-up or payout processes. For most of the hosting providers, you don’t get a dedicated IP address with shared hosting. This is why dedicated server means higher security!

  1. Dedicated server gives you enhanced Reliability like never before!

There is nothing much to be afraid of seeing your site facing downtime. Dedicated servers help you let go off this worry! One of the main reasons for extra reliability with dedicated servers, unlike shared ones is that your server resources are exclusively for you, be it bandwidth or disk space. More than that, in case you want to upgrade, you always have an option without impacting your service delivery.

  1. Innumerable possibilities of customization in dedicated server

Dedicated web servers are the most customizable and flexible servers compared to other forms of web servers. As a server owner, you have access to every element and feature of the server. Thus, you have full control over server and it is possible to make changes to the server to suit your business needs and services that are most important to you, as per your convenience and requirements.

So, now what are you waiting for? Just do an assessment of your service delivery quality today and get the right web server for your website!

Despite being an expensive choice, dedicated servers can do very well in improving quality and stability of your web business in terms of its performance. The question is – Is your business ready for it? If not, it is worth doing an assessment.

You may not want to let your services disrupt one fine day due to sudden spike in traffic and resource needs and then you may start planning. Do remember, an unhappy customer is the biggest negative branding!

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